Ultimaker Original

Hackable without limits, the Ultimaker original DIY 3D printer gives you endless freedom to experiment and enjoy reliable, accurate and consistent results.

Ultimaker Original Plus Hero

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Key Specifications

Ultimaker Original Specs

Tailored for limitless creativity

Whatever the complexity, the Ultimaker Original+ faithfully recreates your vision.  The print head is so light it can print at unmatched speeds whilst never losing any of its 20 micron resolution.  Its ingenious heated build plate not only prevents warping on your model, but is also extremely stable.  And it even tackles bridging and overhangs without any fuss.

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Reliable and accurate

The Ultimaker Original+ offers industry-leading specifications like 20 micron layer resolution and a print head travel speed of up to 300 mm/s.

Easy to modify and expand

With upgrade capabilities, our 3D printer kit allows you to experiment and keep your machine up-to-date as the technology develops.

Affordable and fun

Assembling your own 3D printer is a fun and great learning experience for those who wish to continue pushing the limits of what is possible.

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