Stratasys J750

Unleash your imagination with never-before-seen multi-material capabilities

The Stratasys J750 3D Printer delivers unrivaled aesthetic performance including true, full-color capability with texture mapping and color gradients.

J750 Garmin Detail Sm  J750 Sushi Detail  J750 Tennis Shoes Detail

Create prototypes that look, feel and operate like finished products, without the need for painting or assembly, thanks to the Stratasys J750's wide range of material properties.  With an astounding 360,000+ color combinations to choose from and multi-material capability, the Stratasys J750 allows you to bring even your most imaginative ideas to life.

J750 Figurine Group 1 Sm

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Maximum Versatility

Take advantage of unparalleled 3D printing versatility.  Channel a range of applications that previously required multiple systems to achieve all in one package with a vast array of colors and material properties, from rigid to flexible and opaque to transparent, and the ability to print many diverse materials in one job or part.  Print parts that feature Digital ABS alongside a variety of flexible Shore A values and/or translucencies.  With the fastest PolyJet multi-material 3D printer, you won't sacrifice time for part intricacy and complexity.

        J750 Head Cutaway Front Sm CpJ750 Head Cutaway Back Sm

Fast and Efficient Workflow

Streamline your workflow starting with PolyJet Studio.  This new software offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to choose materials, optimize the build and manage print queues.  It also significantly improves shell-based color assignments for STL and shell-based VRML files; an intuitive user interface; and ability to add color textures and gradients, saving you time during build preparation.  Next generation print heads offer increased speed and print quality.

J750 Packaging Group SmJ750 Sushi SmJ750 Tennis Shoes SmJ750 Heart Sm

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