The Design Series - Precision

Final product realism

Precision 3D Production Systems bring agility and aesthetics to every stage of product development and production.  Based on PolyJet 3D Printing technology, Precision 3D Printers give you the best surface quality, finest details and widest range of material properties available. Produce color and multi-material models that look and feel just like your future products.

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Your Gateway to Precision Prototyping

The Objet24 is the most affordable desktop system to print realistic models with small moving parts, thin walls and smooth, paintable surfaces. Using ...

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Bring precision prototyping to your desktop

The Objet30 3D Printer provides accuracy and versatility in a compact footprint - making it great for prototyping, even with limited space and ...

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Objet30 Pro

Precision Desktop 3D Printing at an Outstanding Value

Powered by PolyJet technology, the Objet30 Pro features 8 different 3D printing materials, among them clear and high-temperature and tray ...

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Objet30 Prime

The World’s Most Versatile Desktop 3D Printer

3D print your biggest ideas right on your desktop with the ultimate in precision and versatility. The Objet30 Prime is the only desktop 3D printer ...

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Objet Eden260VS

Build Precise Prototypes With Outstanding Productivity

Create prototypes that embody your product vision down to the finest detail. The Objet Eden260VS professional 3D printer works with 15 ...

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Objet260 Connex3

Color and multi-material 3D printing

The Objet260 Connex3 is your gateway to the world of multi-material color 3D printing. In a single print job, you can incorporate a wide range of material ...

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