Stratasys Dental Series

3D printing makes digital dentistry happen 

For a growing number of dental lab owners, digital dentistry is already here. With 3D printing as part of their business strategy, dental and orthodontic labs can speed production while improving quality and precision

Ortho Deskframeworx Framework Wax Up On Model

Each Dental Series 3D printer runs on one of two patented, industry-leading technologies to build models, dental appliances and casting wax-ups in-house, directly from digital files.

Based on PolyJet technology, Dental Series 3D Printers deliver smooth surfaces and lifelike details in materials specially engineered for dental and orthodontic use. You can accurately 3D print surgical guides, veneer try-ins, stone models and a range of orthodontic appliances using 3D data from oral scans and CAD designs.

Download the PolyJet Dental Systems and Material Matrix

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