Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers

Solidscape®, Inc. manufactures 3D printers that are used to produce small, high-precision models from industry standard CAD files (.STL). Universities, colleges and educational institutes of all sizes throughout the world use Solidscape systems in their classrooms for 3D printing applications. Currently Solidscape has 3D printers installed in 65 different countries.

Over the years Solidscape has had the honor of seeing our products used in prestigious organizations. Applications have included research and development in medical/orthopedic, bio-technology, nano-fluidics and marine science. Other installations have involved more classical engineering design curriculums supporting areas such as electronics, aerospace and general industrial design. Solidscape supports and encourages studies in the arts, as well as the sciences. Solidscape has held a position of recognition as a top contributor in the advancement of the area of digital design and manufacturing of jewelry as well as digital dental restorations.

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Models printed on Solidscape machines have typically been used as master patterns for lost wax investment casting or rubber molding with secondary processes to allow injection of alternative materials. As a result, our technology has been instrumental in classical rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing. Our strongest niche has been precision investment casting. Because Solidscape offers extremely unique technical operating performance specifications, professors and administrators have been very successful in obtaining grant approvals and sole source justification.

Download the Solidscape S300 Series Spec Sheet

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