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The Desktop Metal Studio System™: The first office-friendly metal 3D printing system for rapid prototyping, the DM Studio System is 10 times less expensive than existing technology today. The system is a complete platform, including both a printer, debinder and microwave-enhanced sintering furnace that, together, deliver complex and even impossible geometries of metal 3D printed parts right in an engineer’s office or on the shop floor.

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The DM Studio System eliminates the need for expensive, industrial facilities to safely house the technology. Unlike traditional metal 3D printing processes, the Studio System requires no hazardous powders, no lasers and no cutting tools to operate. Instead the DM Studio System uses Bound Metal Deposition (BMD), a proprietary process, to make accurate and repeatable parts, similar to the safest and most widely used 3D printing process for plastics, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology.

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The DM Studio System makes metal 3D printing drop-dead simple. No need for dedicated operators, the Studio System uses cloud-based software to streamline the entire workflow so engineers can go from computer-aided design (CAD) software to printed parts seamlessly. Proprietary Separable Supports make it possible to remove support structures by hand, while swappable print cartridges make for safe, fast material changes.

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The DM Studio System significantly increases the versatility of prototyping. Out of the box, the Studio System is designed to support hundreds of different metal alloys -- the same metals used to mass produce parts can now be used to prototype them.


  • Build Area - 300mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • Resolution - 50um voxels
  • Speed - 16 cubic cm/hr

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