NEWS FLASH!!! 3 Students from Penn State New Kensington Visit Allegheny Educational Systems!

Published Thursday, 17 March 2016

Psnk Students Visit Allegheny Educational Systems!

NEWS FLASH!!! - 3 Students from the Penn State - New Kensington Campus, visited the offices of Allegheny Educational Systems in Tarentum, PA today (March 17, 2016).

The 3 students are sophmores in Penn States ElectroMechanical Engineering program and came to visit at the invitation of John Walters, the President of AES Inc. The Students are currently enrolled in an Advanced Manufacturing course and came to investigate and review current technologies used in Advanced Manufacturing, such as 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), CNC Milling (Subtractive Manufacturing), Laser Engraving and Cutting as well as Industrial Robotics and other Automation applications.

The staff at Allegheny Educational had 3D Printed several 3D CAD files that the students had designed so they could see those designs come to life - a real-world application of "Form, Fit and Finish", the 3 legged stool of protoyping and DDM - Direct Digital Manufacturing.

Psnk Student Explores Stratasys Part Example Kit  Psnk Students Examine Stratasys Color Pallet

Psnk Students Looking At Various 3 D Printing Samples

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